About Amy Patton Weckesser

Amy Patton Weckesser was born to Tom and Lenore Patton in Philadelphia in 1962.  She first picked up violin at the tender age of 3 and began lessons with her mother at 4 years old.  Her star has been rising ever since!  She is a multi-faceted, professional musician whose experiences allow her to bring a wealth of knowledge and talent to each of her musical endeavors.

As a professional violinist, Amy has played in the Trenton Symphony, Delaware Symphony, Bridgeton/Bay Atlantic Symphony, Del-Val Symphony, Newtown Symphony, as well as the Kennett Symphony.  She has also played on tour with such star performers as Smokey Robinson, Paul Anka, The Moody Blues, Tony Bennett, Natalie Cole, Frank Sinatra Jr., Jimmy Roselli, and Donna Summers.  In addition, Amy has played the Musical Christmas Tree at the Philadelphia Gallery, as well as 1st violin in multiple pit orchestras for various theatrical productions.  Currently Amy plays 1st violin in the Shrewsbury String Quartet, the Ambler Symphony, as well as the Alamay String Quartet.

As a conductor, she has had the privilege of Thomas Patton, Jack Moore, and Joseph Primavera as conducting mentors.  Over the years, she has gained a bountiful knowledge of conducting a wide variety of musical groups, ranging from aspiring musicians to individuals at the top professional level.  Her conducting experience includes having conducted the Saint Saens No. 1, Shostakovich No. 1, Dvorak, Haydn C and D cello concertos alongside Bob Cafaro of the Philadelphia Symphony.  In addition, she serves as String Conductor and Concert Mistress for Cris Macchio.  At present, she not only holds the position of Assistant Conductor and Concert Mistress of the Olney Symphony, but has also  guest-conducted the South Jersey Pops for their March, 2017 concert.

In addition to her many professional accomplishments, perhaps her most shining achievement is the impact she has on future generations of musicians.  Miss Amy has a great passion for teaching and engendering musical excellence in children.  In 1992 as an extension of her private teaching studio, she founded and currently serves as Conductor of the South Jersey Youth Orchestra and Friends, a learning orchestra where aspiring student musicians play and learn alongside seasoned musical mentor ‘friends’.  She has had several students of hers successfully audition for and gain acceptance into the All South Jersey Orchestra.  Miss Amy takes a personal interest in each of her students, working tirelessly so that each may achieve his or her own personal best.  Miss Amy is admired and loved by all who have had the privilege to be taught by, work with, or play under her baton.


If you or any one you know is interested in taking violin lessons, please call Amy at

856-952-1737 or
Click HERE to Email Miss Amy Directly

$30.00 for a half-hour lesson

$60.00 for a full one-hour lesson

$90.00 for an hour and a half.

Group lessons are also available.  Please call for pricing.

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