Affiliate Homeschool Concert Band

Did you know…

Beginning this year, Miss Amy has taken on the directorship of the concert band for the Mid-Atlantic Music Academy!

You can find them here:

Click the pic above and you will be directed to their home page, where you can see what they do and the musical training options they offer.

The Concert Band is the arm of this academy directed by Miss Amy.   As Friends of the orchestra, you are invited to come out to a rehearsal of this homeschool concert band.   As with the SJYO & Friends, adult musicians come alongside these student musicians and help them increase their skill and performance acumen.

Rehearsal and concert information can be found on their website.

As usual, Miss Amy uses her incredible skill set to bring out each player’s best in this group.   Come on out and support Miss Amy and this sweet group of young musicians working hard to give a great concert!