Congratulations on the Spring, 2017 Performance!

Dear SJYO & Friends,

Miss Amy would like everyone to know that she is SUPER-PROUD of each and every one of you for your performance on Thursday night!!!  She said it is just not possible for her to be any more proud than she already is!  Everyone worked very hard over this concert season, and it showed on Thursday night.  Hard work does indeed pay off, and every season is just better than the last!

The soloists were simply amazing!

The ‘And Friends’ are so greatly appreciated for taking the time to come out, both rehearsing and performing with these exceptional young folks.  These young people’s musical experience is greatly enriched by having the opportunity to play alongside you mentors.  It’s a benefit unlike any other!  Your performance with the group also strengthens and brings forth the best of the orchestra.  Thank you so very much!!

And what can we say about our young percussionist?  Your talent on Lord of the Dance is unparalleled!  You were the heartbeat of the orchestra, and I think everyone agrees that your performance was jaw-dropping, top-notch!  Lord of the Dance really brought down the house!! Thank you so much for coming out and adding to the orchestra in a way that no one else could.

We also wish to thank those who took pictures and recordings of the concert and posted them to the SJYO & Friend’s Facebook page.  As we work to revamp the website, this updated media will be invaluable.  Thank you so very much!  Everyone plays a part, and does it well.  (no pun intended, lol)

Taking a look ahead for Fall, 2017, remember that Miss Amy will be rehearsing for performance Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, with a full choral compliment.  I distributed the link for the music last November, but here it is again:,_Op.125_(Beethoven,_Ludwig_van)

Clarinets note:  If you scroll down past all of the parts, there are Bb transpositions, so none will need to be written.  Yay!

We have all summer long to practice and come thoroughly prepared to our first rehearsal, which will be on Wednesday, September 6th.  I know this is early, but Miss Amy feels (and I wholeheartedly agree) that this particular performance will be best served by having the additional two weeks to prepare as a group.  More details will be sent a little closer to the start date.

Thank you all again, so very much, for all your hard work!  Everyone is important and makes a big difference, adding to the orchestra and making it better.

Have a happy, fun summer!

Best regards,

Chris Snyder for Miss Amy