Meet Our Friend Mr. Craig Thomas – Jazz Bassist

Meet Mr. Craig Thomas – Accomplished Professional Jazz Musician who will be running one of this year’s Music Camp Jazz Workshops. Click on the link below where you will find Mr. Thomas’ bio as well as footage of his TV appearances and other professional musical ephemera:

This is the link to Mr. Craig’s professional web page – Craig’s Bass Place:

Here you will find not only information on Mr. Craig’s career accomplishments, but also recordings as well as a bass lesson.

Poke around and explore.  The music is awesome!

Summer Camp, 2019 Improv Workshop Pages:

All Instruments: – Swing Warm-ups; Dorian Scale Page

Bass Clef – Little Sunflower

“C” Instruments – Little Sunflower; So What; Scale Sheet

Bb Instruments – Little Sunflower; So What; Scale Sheet

Summer Camp, 2018 Improv Workshop Pages:


LITTLE SUNFLOWER – Violins, Flutes

LITTLE SUNFLOWER – Cellos & Basses

LITTLE SUNFLOWER – Clarinets & Bb Instruments