Meet Our Friend Mr. Steve Lipinski – Jazz Guitarist

Mr. Stephan Lipinski is a local blues/fusion/jazz guitarist.

Stephan started the guitar learning rock in the sixth grade. He was fortunate to study jazz in high school with New York great, Vic Juris. Stephan won several awards in high school and even taught privately as well as at the Verona High School summer music program.

Even though he didn’t continue music in college, music has always played an important part of his life. Stephan has played in many types of bands over the years including rock, jazz, and blues, and he can still be found at local jam sessions and as a fill in for local groups.

Some of Stephan’s playing can be found on his Soundcloud page, or you can search him on YouTube:

Stephan has taught music theory and improvisation for the last several years at the South Jersey Youth Orchestra and Friends and is excited for another great summer.

Below are recordings and sheet music from last year’s Mr. Steve’s Awesome Music Theory class.  Check back closer to Music Camp, 2019 for new material.  Looking forward to what Mr. Steve has for us this year!

Sheet Music for Play-Alongs:

Summer Camp, 2019:

Theory Notes


Diatonic_Chords_(Triads) in C(1)


My Bows Return – A Major

My Bows Return

Solar – solo keys

Solar – Bb instruments


Past Camps:

Camp Break Breeze          Theory_in_C_major

Diatonic_Chords_(Triads) in C          I_IV_I_V_Melody_in_C

Camp Break Breeze B minor Clarinet          Diatonic_Chords_(Triads) in D (for Clarinets)

I_IV_I_V_Melody_in_D Clarinet          I_IV_I_V_Melody_in_D Trumpet Clarinet

I_IV_I_V_Melody_in_C Cello          Fun Minor Progression A minor – Cello

Fun Minor Progression A minor          Fun Minor Progression B minor